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FDA Listed Product Lines and Custom Compounding Services

Sterile Product Admixtures

Cantrell Drug Company specializes in sterile manipulations of standard outsource pharmaceuticals including USP high risk compounding. Today, all healthcare institutions are experiencing budget constraints, staffing shortages, ever-increasing regulations, limited pharmacy space, and many other obstacles. These constraints create an ideal environment for medication errors in compounding. Outsourcing time consuming, error prone tasks can be a smart choice. Through carefully designed facilities, procedures, proper equipment, trained personnel, and end-product testing, Cantrell Drug Company offers a level of safety beyond that which most pharmacy settings can provide.  Incorporation of USP ‹797› compliant, cGMP focused policies and procedures provide safety you can trust.

DEA Manufacturer

Cantrell Drug Company is a licensed DEA manufacturer authorized to prepare and distribute controlled substances via the DEAs official 222 Order Form or via online CSOS.

A common misunderstanding in the healthcare community is that a prescription may be utilized to acquire or distribute compounded preparations containing controlled substances from one DEA registrant to another (e.g. pharmacy to physician). This transfer of controlled substances requires the services of a registered DEA manufacturer.

Controlled substance distributions are performed by Cantrell Drug Company in strict compliance with DEA regulations. Contact us for more information regarding these laws and our services. Also refer to our How to Order section.

Drug Shortage Solutions

Every healthcare institution is sure to feel the effects of shortages in the coming months; in fact, the amount of shortages has more than tripled since 2005.[1] Over 75% of these shortages were for sterile injectable medications.  Of these, 42% were due to product quality issues such as the "presence of particulates, microbial contamination, newly identified impurities, and stability changes."  Another 18% were due to product discontinuations where prior notification to the FDA was not required.  The shortages lead to increased cost for pharmacies to meet patient and physician needs, and much of the financial impact is felt in acute care divisions.

Cantrell Drug Company offers compounded solutions to many drug shortages. Currently, we are providing many of these preparations, so please contact us for more information and to see if the preparation you need is available at Cantrell Drug Company.


[1] Also in 2010, more than 400 generic equivalents were backordered for greater than five days, and 77% of the drugs in short supply were sterile injectable products, which are critical in the acute care setting.  At least 42% of the shortages here were due to product quality situations such as presence of particulates, microbial contamination, newly-identified impurities and stability changes, it notes. Taylor, Lynne.  "Critical US drug shortages "are raising costs, risking patient safety"". PharmaTimes.  World Wide Web